NeuroMuscular Therapy

I knew after I graduated from Massage school over 12 years ago, that I wanted to specialize in helping people with pain and health challenges rather than spa massage. I took a year of NeuroMuscular Training with the Neuromuscular Therapy Center in New Mexico enabling me to help my clients on a deeper level. After graduating as a Certified NeuroMuscular Therapist, I worked with a major hospital helping people with many different types of pain and muscular dysfunction and had great results.


NeuroMuscular techniques are very effective for Carpel Tunnel. Sciatica problems, TMJ, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee, Shoulder and many more challenges. There are many clients that get tired of the pain and posture issues and are about to have surgery and sometimes this can be solved with NeuroMuscular Therapy. It is definitely worth a try, as quite a few clients with Carpal tunnel, sciatica pain, shoulder, neck have been resolved with this wonderful Therapy. Also sometimes it is a condition where the cells are not absorbing water in specific vertebrae or other specific parts of the body (this cannot be shown on x-ray).This hydration issue can be also resolved with BodyTalk See BodyTalk page, as sometimes I integrate several modalities if that is what is needed for the best result for the client.


NeuroMuscular Therapy is not the same as “Deep Tissue”. Sometimes there is a misleading idea of “no pain no gain”. This is actually not a favorable way to get long lasting results, as when a muscle is contracted and stressed already then to touch with fast heavy force makes the muscle contract even harder. Even though I go deep into the tissue, it is slow and gradual. The client is never in pain. Sometimes there are areas that feel tender as trigger points or point that need attention and are tight are released.


Usually, it is good to have a minimum of 3 sessions (prepaid series discount), instead of just one because we need repetition to retrain the muscles to become more lengthened. In a session the posture is assessed first. Then there are specific techniques such as Pelvic Facilitation which greatly helps the back and neck as your whole body is connected. If the pelvis is out you will have neck issues, back issues, possibly knee also. NeuroMucular Therapy also helps give the client greater flexibility and range of motion, releases toxins. As muscles are lengthened the blood and circulation is now able to flow freely where it had been stagnant.


This really should be considered a part of maintaining health just like exercise!!


And please drink plenty of high quality water as your muscles are approximately 75% to 80% water and this helps muscles heal and for the treatment to hold better.


Jeanne also provides Aromatherapy including Raindrop Therapy in which pure essential oils are applied to the spine. Some of the Essential Oils used for aromatherapy are as follows: Birch, Lavender, Basil, Cypress, Thyme, Peppermint and more.

NeuroMuscular Therapy