Individual Two Month Healing Journey

Jeanne Ellis owner of Your Healing Place would like to invite you to experience a practice in letting go, empowerment and fulfillment.


Please join me on a journey of detoxification for your Body, Mind, and Spirit.


I am offering you a two month individual program of healing for all levels of your life.


This includes 8, one and a half hour sessions. This is the total pre-paid cost of your individual health program. There are no additional supplements or drugs to purchase. I will give you valuable information and helpful holistic tools you can incorporate, if you choose.


What I will give to you:


  • An integration of healing modalities including Therapeutic Massage, NeuroMuscular Therapy, The LifeLine Technique, & The BodyTalk System and which will assist you in clearing out that which no longer serves you.
  • Over 20 years of experience in the wellness field, including clinical skills working with people in both acute and chronic stages of dis-ease and imbalance.
  • Special attention to preventative care and discovering the root cause instead of simple symptom care.
  • Individual support – which includes teaching you skills and tools you can use for the rest of your life, so you can detox, regenerate & thrive.
  • Compassion and continued support in your healing journey.


What is requested of you:


To be committed to following through to your best of your ability and do the 5 things of Self Love:


  • drink good quality water - your body/mind cannot heal without it
  • Include good nutrition - I will guide you if you need support
  • Movement/exercise in a way that you enjoy
  • Rest (I can help you to achieve this)
  • Owning your own power by being honest with yourself


I recommend 1 session per week for 8 weeks however I am here to work with you at your pace and in a way that is empowering to you!


If you wish to go for an additional two months due to a Western medical diagnosis of dis-ease, I am happy to extend the discounted price to you.


If you would like empower you life in all areas call me right now to discuss your situation and get a quote!


Individual Two Month Healing Journey