Follow Up:  Family Pet Sessions

Jeanne has a deep love for animals. She has been involved with helping homeless and ill cats for many years, helping to spay/neuter and find homes for those that have been abandoned.


When doing a healing session for your pet, she will use her many years of advanced training in the LifeLine Technique, BodyTalk and other modalities, as well as her intuition to help your animal heal naturally. She uses her intuition as well as several modalities including LifeLine and BodyTalk, and Reiki.


Most of the time this is done in the animals home environment if they are in the local area, as they are more comfortable in their own home. Distance session are also an option. She has done healing sessions for animals in many different states as well as Internationally. It is highly effective this way as well as in person.


Jeanne is able to talk with the sub-conscious mind or spirit of your loved pet and gently help them heal naturally. The healing session is completely safe and they enjoy the sessions.

Follow Up: Family Pet Sessions